Discovery Drive Experience

Course duration: half-day

Our family-friendly experience drives are the perfect way to try off-roading in your own 4WD/AWD vehicle for the first time. Get familiar with your 4WD/AWD vehicle and learn the basics of off-roading under expert supervision in a safe & controlled environment.

Professional 4WD Off-Road Driving

(HRD Corp: 1000163170)

A RoSPA-assured driver certification course combining theory and practical sessions designed to equip learners with deep technical understanding of vehicle dynamics, preparation and driving techniques. The obstacles are tougher, allowing trainers to teach the finer nuances of throttle control, gear selections, traction aids and steering technique that are key to safe and effective 4WD operation in adverse terrain. This course has no pre-requisites.

Advanced 4WD Vehicle Recovery

Learn how to get your 4WD out of just about any situation you may find yourself in. Our Advanced 4WD Vehicle Recovery are for those who are issued a range of vehicle recovery equipment or regularly drive off-road in extreme conditions which require them to have the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively recover their vehicle in eventualities. This course has a pre-requisite where all learners must have completed the Professional 4WD Off-Road Driving course.

Training Courses

4WD Instructor Course

Our 4WD Instructor Course is designed to help professional 4WD users get a footing in the field of off-road instructing. The instructor’s course is held over 2 days and utilizes different sites of varying terrain to ensure the learner has a good understanding of driving and instructional techniques required on the different types of driving surfaces. At the end of the course, each learner will undertake a half-day off-road driving assessment where he/she will need to pass to be certified as an off-road driver instructor.

Private Group/Corporate Training & Events

Whether its a small-private group training among friends or company staffs, vehicle/product testing, media production, customer experience day or tailored corporate events, we have the facility and expertise to deliver a diverse range of challenging off-road driving activities to suit your needs, both on and off-site.

We believe flexibility is the key, therefore every event is tailored to your requirements; let us know your goals and objectives and we will ensure your event runs smoothly from the point of inquiry.

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Location: M4TREC, Semenyih

Location: M4TREC, Semenyih

Location: M4TREC, Semenyih

(HRD Corp: 10001238837)

(HRD Corp: 10001281762)

Price: Call to inquire

Price: RM450/vehicle/max 2 person

Price: RM950/person

Price: RM1,050/person

Location: M4TREC, Semenyih

Course duration: 1-day

Course duration: 1-day

Course duration: 2-days