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Who are we?

M4TREC is Malaysia’s leading 4WD training provider delivering high standard off-road and safety driver training with emphasis on health & safety, proficient use of 4WDs and responsible off-road driving toward occupants, equipment and the environment.

Our mission is to develop, train and educate safe and effective use of 4WD vehicles to both occupational and recreational 4WD operators of all experience levels. Courses are conducted at our purpose-built off-road training facility (first of its kind in Malaysia), allowing technical and practical aspects to be taught in a safe and controlled environment.

We understand that high-quality training is important to organizations that prioritize safety, protect their workforce and ensure regulatory compliance. Our 4WD safety driving course is independently verified and assured by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), a leading name in health and safety and recognized accreditation body in the UK.

We are a registered HRD Corp training provider with the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia and a member of RoSPA.


"Thank you very much to the team of M4TREC. Absolutely Amazing experience. Very Good information and sharing of valuable knowledge from the Instructors. Gave me a big boost of self confidence for my upcoming overland trip."

Recommended by Bernd Pesnhofer

"Great school with good instruction and nice beginners course... Helped us all get acquainted with our Ford trucks better... :)"

Recommended by Dinesh Bhatia

"This course would give you valuable insights of your vehicle's capabilities, how to handle the machine in extreme (but safe) conditions under proper supervision...the instructors are super helpful on sharing their insights and experiences too, making this course even more special."

Recommended by Edmund - Defender Zero to Hero

Recommended by Kiran Sam Raj

"Well versed instructor who provided guidance throughout the course.. well informed and took their time to answer all our questions with good examples and details.. overall a well structured course and beneficial for off-roading enthusiasts."

Recommended by Eugene Lau

"Highly recommend! M4TREC knows their topic deep and wide! The team are tremendously well-verse in 4x4. I've gained lot of knowledge as they helped and guided me throughout the course. The obstacles are safe but challenging for any of us to test our vehicle capabilities. I highly recommend M4TREC for their friendly service and superior knowledge! Well done M4TREC! 6 stars!!!"

"I attended this course recently. It really opened a whole new adventure world to me. I now have a skill that gives me confidence to venture into roads less travelled, know the capability of my car, most I never knew how to operate before this....

Derek the Lead Instructor and the team was really wonderful. Land Rover UK-trained....They know their stuff....And there's no other offroad driving training centre in Malaysia macam M4TREC ni where you can experience offroad driving within a controlled environment. Mana berani kalau kita nak try belajar dalam hutan. Rosak ke sangkut ke...Ada otai offroad kata diorang boleh ajarkan, tapi without training ground with obstacles to simulate real life scenario, you'll have to try in real jungle. Memang confirm kereta jahanam.

Invest a bit of money in this training for unlimited happiness in the future, definitely worth your money."

Recommended by Faudzi Din

"Nice and great place to test out your 4x4. The track provides a challenging condition yet still can accommodate stock standard 4x4This is where you can learn and get your fundamental understanding before you heads up to real 4x4 forest challengeThumbs up!"

Recommended by Nazreen Ya'kub

"Shout-out to all newbie 4x4. you are encouraged to attend DDE. I gained today and more confidence when handling my defender as compared to before!"

Recommended by Alex Wong